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    Scientism is based on truth and evidence and accepted universally but religion is beliefs based on cultural backgrounds of any individual. People can be Christian, Muslim, Hindus or atheistic. Any issue can be right for one religion but same issue might consider wrong for other religion. For example marrying within families (cousin) is not acceptable in Hindus society while Muslim society marrying with cousins is acceptable. There is still more issues that science is not still able to answer. The dilemmas between science and religion in health care setting is costly as it is related to life and death matter. Both aspects goes side by side.

    I believe having religious belief feed patient with healing power along with scientifically approved treatment. Respecting and acknowledging patient’s culture /religion help in maintaining their dignity.

    However people have their own point of view toward science and religion. Religion and science are often seen as opposite poles in our understanding of the world. And yet while religion and science are in some sense polar opposites, there is also much in common between them. Both are carefully crafted systems of thought, concerned with establishing the real truth behind the world we see in experience. (Lehar, S. (n.d.), A system of ethics based on reason without recourse to supernatural belief )


    Lehar, S. (n.d.). A system of ethics based on reason without recourse to supernatural belief. Retrieved May 22, 2017, from http://cns-alumni.bu.edu/~slehar/

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