Outline of a book MLA


Outline of a book MLA.

I have to do a research paper outline to the book Never let me go by kazoo ishiguro ( that I have not read) . I am a senior in high school with a 2.3 gpa. 

I need 1. Preliminary Thesis Statement 

Preliminary outline&nbsp

          2. PreLiminary Outline 

          3. Work Cited page  

Thesis statement

1. Thesis statement, must be argueable 

2. Preliminary Outline  need to be in the following format

I. Introduction

 A. general statement of topic

 B. Mention/ Introduce work.

 C. Thesis statement. 

1st body paragraph

II. 1st body paragraph , topic of first paragraph

 A. Primary source quotation that refers to topic. 

  1. brief explanation why this quotation explaining topic

 B. Secondary Source quotation that rerfers to topic 

Quote explains topic

 1. Brief explanation that shows why this quote explains topic. 

III … 

 ( need to be at least 12-14 body paragraphs like example of Paragraph II)

XIII. Conclusion (restate thesis)


-this idea is . . .( three things about what has been written)

– connect book to life/ one final thought

3. Work cited page  has to be in alphabetical order and in MLA 

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