one page required please –

one page required please –

Assignment 3: Nutrition management for diseases affecting body systems 1. Diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 are the most common causes of hyperglycemia. Much of Ch. 17 gives an overview of those conditions and related pharmacology. Other causes are listed at the bottom of p. 390. Tables 17-2 and 17-3 summarize the bodies need for insulin. We want to understand these basics though concentrate on nutritional management. It becomes important for patients to commit to a more complicated tracking of nutrients. Those who successfully manage nutrition and exercise have a better prognosis and better quality of life. Clinical Calculation 17-1 shows an interesting plan to divide nutrient density into 4 planned meals/snack. Note that lunch is 2/5 of the recommended calories (there is a typo where in one place, the midday is incorrectly listed as 1/5). Now the questions: 1a. Why is lunch the main meal? 1 point 1b. Why is the evening snack important? 1 point 2. What are 3 differences you see as significant between the MyPlate for diabetics and one for a non-diabetic young person (Figures 1-2 and 17-5)? Briefly explain the reason for each. 3 pts. Bonus: Choose a high glycemic load food and tell where it sits on the Fig. 17-5 plate. What other food groups on the plate do you suggest could be adjusted to allow that higher GL food? 2 bonus points 3. How does the DASH diet and changes from Table 18-9 address components of metabolic syndrome? 2 pt 4. Choose 4 aspects of a renal diet you think would be difficult to follow and a suggestion to help a client adapt to these aspects. 3 pts. 5. List and explain the reason for a diet change to help a client with GERD, to help with peptic ulcer healing, for dumping syndrome 3 pts


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