One page paper –


One page paper –

For this assignment, begin with a reading of the article ‘On the Folly of rewarding A, while hoping for B’ (details given in the syllabus; second article in the list for the topic of motivation – you will have to search for this article using the library databases or through Google scholar). Drawing on what Steven Kerr discusses in the article, think of an independent example connected to business that exemplifies the theme of ‘rewarding A, while hoping for B’.

Include the following in your assignment write-up:

  1. Describe your chosen example and discuss why you think it is a good example of ‘rewarding A while hoping for B’. Clearly identify what is ‘A’ and what is ‘B’ in your chosen example.
  2. What would you recommend instead? In other words, what would you suggest to motivate desired behavior (obtaining ‘B’) in the case you discuss.

Limit your write-up to one page.


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