One Page Book Review Paper


One Page Book Review Paper.


Choose an academic book or article you wish to review and craft a grammatically accurate and stylistically appropriate review. The review will be approximately one page in length and follow expository guidelines: It will have a thesis, substantiating arguments or evidence, references to the book or article in question, and a conclusion.

This assignment will include at least one editing session with the instructor or with a student team.

>review template

Review template:

Your article or book review should contain at least four paragraphs.  But it could contain five, too. That way, you will have a standard five-paragraph essay.


Here’s what each paragraph should look like:


In this paragraph you should indicate which article you have selected; you should also indicate the name of the author of the article.  Then, you should find out the main ideas of the article (two or three, depending on how many body paragraphs you intend to create) and mention them here.  The introduction should also contain a thesis in which you may state why you chose this particular article.

Body paragraphs (2 or 3)

In the body paragraphs, you should address the main ideas of the article. Ideally, you should find and address three ideas –and  create three body paragraphs. In each paragraph, you should quote and/or paraphrase from the article, and then elaborate on what you have quoted or paraphrased. These will be your substantiating arguments or evidence.

Of course, you have to make sure each paragraph is internally coherent, just as you have to make sure that all the body paragraphs relate to one another and are connected to the thesis stated in the introduction.


In this paragraph you should briefly summarize the entire review. You may want to very briefly restate why you chose this article and then tell the reader whether the facts you found and reported in the body paragraphs confirmed your initial impression of the article. You may also want to say a few words about what you learned from this article.


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