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Question: Think of an athlete or sport. Select a vegetarian diet and design a menu to accommodate the nutrition needs of an athlete. Provide a 1 day menu, including 3 meals and 2-3 snacks.

· vegan

· lacto-vegetarian

· lacto-ovo-vegetarian

Task: Response to the two statements separately with a minimum of 100 words each(separately). Respond to each statement with whether you agree/disagree and include one quote and reference citation from an attached reading and reference provided with each statement and also based on the question stated above.

Statement 1:

Lacto-vegetarian 1 day meal plan for a volleyball player


· 1 cup Oatmeal with unsweetened granola and almonds (can add one tbsp. almond butter for sweetness)

· 2 boiled eggs with a slice of whole wheat bread

· 4 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt

· 6 fl. oz. freshly squeezed orange juice

· Mid-Morning Snack

· 1 cup of sliced apples

· 2 TBSP of Peanut Butter


· 1 medium bowl of mixed salad with spinach, walnuts, broccoli, carrots, dried raspberries, topped with a Tbsp. of blue cheese

· 2 Tablespoons of raspberry vinaigrette dressing

· 1 banana

· 8 fl. oz. of chocolate soymilk

· Afternoon Snack

· 1 cup sliced Mango

· 1 cup of strawberries


· 1 cup stewed spicy tofu with kidney beans

· 1/2 cup of steamed kale

· 1 baked sweet potato

· 8 fl. oz. seltzer water (wedge of lemon for taste)

Late day Snack

· 2 oz. of roasted almonds (unsalted)

· 1 cup of baby carrots

· 1 oz. Light ranch for dipping carrots (optional)

(My wife and I are convinced that almonds and carrots eaten together taste like coconut.) Someone try this and let me know if you share the strange same taste! 🙂

Clifford, J, and A Kozil. “Vegetarian Diets – 9.324.” Colorado State University | Extension, Colorado State University, Sept. 2017,

Statement 2:



· ½ cup of oatmeal in skim milk

· ½ cup of water

· ½ med apple

· Lunch:

· 2 Cheddar cheese toast

· 2 cups of mixed greens


· 1 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt

· ½ cup of blue blueberries


· 1 whole wheat pita round

· 1 small tomato

· 1 oz mozzarella cheese

· Snack:

· 1 cup of cubed melon

· ½ bagel multi grain /cheese or butter

Hacket, J. (2018). What exactly is a Vegetarian? What does Lacto-Ovo mean? [online] Available at: Accessed 27 Feb. 2018].


the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (

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