News You Can Peruse, journalism assignment help


Go to one of the news sites on News You Can Peruse (PDF) or to a news radio source such as NPR or to one of the major television or cable news websites such as ABC, CBC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, BBC or even to a local news station.

Choose a story that is covered in two different mediums and post these links to your journal. Using the criteria you have learned earlier in this unit, consider a news value that is emphasized or de-emphasized in the story you have chosen because of the medium’s limitations or capabilities.

Post your findings in your journal. Your journal entry should include the following:

  • Links to two stories that cover the same news event in different mediums
  • A paragraph about the two stories which identifies a news value that is emphasized or de-emphasized because of each medium’s limitations or capabilities. Include comparisons of the two mediums’ strengths and weaknesses.

examples of mediums: print, videos, radio, online

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