Need political science help to answer six questions in 4-5 typewritten sentences each.


Please answer each of the following six questions in 4-5 typewritten sentences each, no more than a paragraph per answer. You may use lecture, the texts for the class and other materials (only if necessary) to answer the questions, but you must cite for all ideas and quoted text drawn from these sources. Paraphrasing is preferred over quoted text in answers. 

1) Define the two types of political efficacy, and explain how they affect citizen participation. 

2) Why do we want a random sample in an opinion poll, when possible? Explain. 

3) Give one argument for, and one against, keeping the Electoral College. 

4) How does campaigning for base and swing voters affect campaigns? Explain – and keep in mind that the electoral process tends to have at least two stages. 

5) Explain the two factors that have supported a consistent two-party system in the U.S. 

6) Explain why getting constant, active participation from members in interest groups is a difficult task. 

7) Why do we generally have elections on Tuesdays in the U.S.? Explain.

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