Need history help with global politics


You work as a research analyst for a human rights watch-dog organization. The
organization’s board of directors is deciding how to spend a large donation.

To help guide them in deciding how to spend the donation, they want to
know what the most pressing human rights grievance in the world is. The Board
has asked various individuals, including you, to write a memo for their

The Memo Expectations
The memo should be 2-3 pages in
length and you should use this Memo Template.  You should identify
and research what you consider to be the most pressing human rights grievance in
the world.  Remember, your job is to persuade the board of directors to spend
money to help solve this problem.  In the memo, you should clearly state the
human rights grievance, describe in detail the grievance, discuss why the
grievance is so critical, and, finally, you should explain what can be done
about it.  You should include in-text citations and an APA-formatted
bibliography with at least 2 sources

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