Need help with assignment


Need help with assignment.

u02al Identification of Family and Family concern Sheena Dewitt.docx

The link above is a story that i created of a hypothitcally family, the assingment below is based on the story i created.. Payment can be negotiated.  So let me klnow if you are able to assist.

Family life theory

Identify a family life theory that informs and illuminates your family’s issue.Analyze your family’s issue in light of the family life theory you identified. (Theory I choose was Selective Optimization with Compensation (SOC) Theory )Create an annotated bibliography of the professional literature you will draw upon to aid you in evaluating the family’s situation and determining the appropriate assessment and intervention.

Include a list of 5–7 articles from the professional literature.For each article, write a summary of 3–4 sentences explaining the information included in the reference.Use theLibrary to find appropriate scholarly resources.


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