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My Requirements: I need you to edit and fix my bibliography and make it better then what I have already created and I need you to go off of what I have already created I’ve uploaded my work such as my rough draft and my bibliography for my report I need you to fix my bibliography according to the rubric/instruction sheet file I’ve uploaded I need a total of 6 references I need 3 scientific articles and 3 scientific journal entrees in my bibliography and on the file I’ve uploaded it can help you find links to good references and everything you need to help you fulfil this assignment and my bibliography needed to be cited in apa format I need 6 references cited apa format 3 scientific journals entrees and 3 scientific articles on my topic which I’ve uploaded my rough draft in Microsoft word about Rheumatoid Arthritis about the files I’ve uploaded one file is a rough draft which I dont need to be fixed its uploaded because of my references page if it helps out also if you can add to my reference page and for the other file I’ve uploaded my bibliography that needs fixing and the main objective and the other file is the instructions on how the bibliography needs to be done specifically go off the instructions pages please the main objective is to fix my bibliography according to the instructions sheet I’ve uploaded.

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