Midterm Reflection and Error Tracking Log

Your Midterm Reflection Assignment has two parts. You must complete all three parts to receive credit for this assignment.

PART ONE—TRACKING YOUR ERROR (~ ½ page to 1 page)
One of the goals of this class in terms of language, grammar, and error is to give you the tools you need to locate and correct your errors successfully. Look back over your error sheets and the work you’ve completed so far this semester and identify your largest pattern of error. To do so, you will want to pay attention to the areas of your revised papers that I have highlighted, indicating some sort of error, or that I have specifically commented on in terms of error. Then read those sections of the handbook concerning this issue. Write a short paragraph in which you identify your primary pattern(s) of error and specifically how you plan to track those errors in future work. If you do not feel you have a specific pattern of error, then your paragraph should cover your current proofreading practices, their shortcomings, and how you plan to revise your proofreading for the rest of the semester.

So far you’ve practiced critical thinking largely by reading and writing essays by other authors. Now I want you to apply critical thinking to your own process as a writer. I want a detailed description of your process of writing one of both of essays you have been forced to write at this point in the semester. Be honest. Use an informal voice or use any tone you are comfortable with. Do not spare the details. I want to know if your process includes putting the paper off until 5:00 in the morning. I want to know how often you think about the topic or how often you put it off and why. Then, spend some time creating a plan that will improve your process going forward. Think of techniques that will allow your process ( and in turn, your writing) to approve as we enter the second half of the semester. Have fun with this portion of the assignment. Be yourselves and be honest with yourselves. IN THE FILE WILL FINED ONE OF MY ESSAY