Miami Dade College Fitsech Fitness Instructors Startup Cost Expense Template

Complete a Startup Cost template for my business. I have provided the excel template as well as the other financial reports to help fill in the information. Below are more business expenses.

Leasing studio space requires a security deposit of $3,600. Redesigning the studio space will cost $10,000 while adding $8,000 worth of gym equipment. We have budgeted $1,800 for the monthly rent, $210 for utilities, and $320 on supplies and bi-weekly cleaning crew. Permits, fees, and insurance cost $3,196 annually. The startup costs for Personal Space Trainers will be covered by a $20,000 personal loan. The loan carries a 6% interest rate with a 72-month term. $5,000 will be invested from personal savings to serve as a cushion for the first couple of months.