MBA6010 Argosy University Week 3 Strategic Planning Paper

Week 3 – Assignment 1: Complete Round 2 of CAPSIM and Assess Company Performance

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Review your results from Round 1 (year 1) of the CAPSIM simulation. You really want to dig deep into the data that you have and review the performance measures that you chose in Assignment 2 to determine whether your decisions in Round 1 (year 1) positively affected those performance measures. Based on that information, you will complete Round 2 of the CAPSIM simulation, making decisions to again try to increase performance in those key areas you are measuring. Examine your results from Round 1 in the Courier and the Balanced Scorecard. Compare your results with the competition and the customer’s need (Customer Buying Criteria; Courier, pp. 5-9) and make adjustments that will grow your simulated company.

Note: This round will introduce the Human Resources module within the simulation, so that is something to consider as you are making your decisions. Your written assignment this week will examine the efficiency of those HR decisions.

If you need technical assistance for CAPSIM, please call the student support number (877-477-8787) or email support at

Once you have completed Round 2, update your Financial Measures Template from the prior round. Select a different financial measure from prior week/s and write one to two paragraphs describing how that financial measure is created (e.g., ROS=Profit/Sales) and cite your source, what this measure tells a firm about its performance, and how your performance compares with the competition and over time.

Length: 1-2 Paragraphs: See directions in Financial Measures Template