Marketing Concept Report


Your marketing plan presentation should address the following issues in
significant depth and be based off the attached document : segmentation, target market selection, positioning,
product strategy. Discuss the logic of your segmentation scheme and how well it
meets the criteria used to form segments as well as the process used for selecting a
target segment. Substantial secondary market research
is necessary as evidence of likely interest in the product or service, potential size of
market, status of competition, and industry trends.
Secondarily your presentation should address pricing, distribution and marketing
communication strategy decisions. You do not need to address implementation or
control issues.
Your presentation should be a minimum of 20, but not more than 30 minutes in length,
and use clear, professional, and compelling visual aids. You will be graded on depth
and clarity of analysis, thoroughness, evidence of understanding key concepts, and
cohesiveness of the marketing program elements. Please provide the instructor with a
copy of the visuals at the start of the presentation.

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