Management Perspectives Assignment – Learning Outcomes – Critically analyse the roles, functions…


Management Perspectives Assignment –

Learning Outcomes –

Critically analyse the roles, functions that managers perform and discuss the challenges and risks they have to address in today's changing organisations.

Discuss the impact of values, ethics and diversity on the culture of an organisation and the role, behavior and performance of managers within that organisation.

The assessment suite in this subject is designed to provide students with a framework to understand organisational behaviour, politics and the dynamics of the business environment. The assessment suite aims to equip students with the necessary skills to understand the constraints managers and emerging leaders face in developing strategies to leverage advantages and overcome constraints and barriers in organisations.


Students will individually draw up a case study report on their own organisation, or an organisation of their choice. The case study will demonstrate an understanding of organisational theory including organisational ethics and ethical practice. The case study report should include:

a rationale for the research methodology and organisational theory utilised including comparisons with alternative theory;

utilisation of appropriate research strategies;

a critical examination of the role of ethics and ethical practice relevant to the chosen organisation;

a discussion of the role and legitimacy of the management function and how it is impacted by politics and the social environment;

incorporating the use of qualitative analysis; and

incorporating the use of several high-quality external sources.

The report is to be limited to 2000 words, exclusive of formal document sections (i.e. title page, executive summary, table of contents, references list, appendices, etc.), citations, tables and graphs.

There are a number of forms the report could take. The exact form of the report will depend on the additional research the student will undertake; students should aim for the demonstration of deep learning, founded on theory through thorough reading of scholarly literature, rather than on getting any aspect of the brief 'right.'

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