Management And Leadership – Business Finance 2023

Management And Leadership – Business Finance

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A.  Write a biographical sketch (suggested length of 1 page) that could  be used for a speaking engagement and that adheres to the following  guidelines:

•  is written from the perspective that you are a presenter at a professional conference

•  includes information that you might share with colleagues and clients  to give them an understanding of your background and professional  qualifications

•  includes any pertinent information related to your leadership experience

 B.  Explain your leadership philosophy (suggested length of by doing the following:

1.  Explain your specific leadership role (formal or informal) that you currently hold or have held within an organization.

2.  Write a personal mission statement that explains the role of leadership you aspire to in your future career.

 Note: In developing your personal mission statement, consider your  sense of purpose or personal calling. Your personal mission, when  executed well, will enable you to achieve your vision for your future,  as well as the vision you identify for your organization.

 3.  Provide a vision statement that models the desired future state of the organization you would like to lead.

4.  Discuss the core leadership values that you profess to be a part of your leadership philosophy.

5.  Explain opportunities for growth and development for current and future leaders in your organization or on your team.

a.  Discuss any corresponding training you would implement to facilitate growth and development.

6.  Reflect on how your education and past work and life experiences have prepared you for your future leadership position. 

5 Pages A Write a biographical sketch suggested length of 1 page that