Program Description

In the Home Help Program, some family members can be paid for the caregiving assistance they provide.

Home Help is a Medicaid program for elderly and disabled Michigan residents that require assistance with their activities of daily living. This program’s services include personal care, assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing and toileting, as well as the instrumental activities of daily living, such as laundry and shopping for essentials. The Home Help Program is intended to promote independence at home. Therefore, it is not available to individuals living in nursing homes, adult foster care homes, or assisted living residences.

There is a consumer direction component to this program, also referred to as participant direction or self-direction. Based on Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling model, program participants can select their own caregivers. Friends and family members can be paid for the care they provide. The individual works with the county case manager to determine the appropriate amount of care and then is granted a budget for care instead of receiving care services directly from the state.