Learning Outcome: Identify marketing objectives within a given context and justify the approach with


Learning Outcome:

Identify marketing objectives within a given context and justify the approach with reference to relevant marketing theory.

Develop an operational plan for a marketing campaign.


Word count: 1000 – 1500 words excluding your referencing

For this assignment you will analyse the Lovely Linens Case Study and answer the related questions. You will need to substantiate your findings by referring to source materials including your textbook and Study Guide. You are required to engage in some research into the theories underpinning identifying marketing objectives within a given context; and developing an operational plan for a marketing campaign in order to successfully complete this assignment.

Read the Case Study ‘Lovely Linens' (below) and carry out any further research necessary to answer the following questions.

Using the case study Lovely Linens identify and discuss specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) marketing objectives for each of the following:
– Product to be marketed
– Target market
– Measures of the success for the campaign.

Identify and discuss three valid points why it is important marketing objectives are approved according to organisational procedures and business objectives.

Once marketing objectives have been set the organisation needs to take action.
Develop an operational plan for Lovely Linens by discussing each of the key points below:
– Activities – List activities that will need to be completed to achieve the objectives. Who will perform these activities?
– Responsibilities – Everyone has a responsibility to perform to the best of their abilities. What are the individual responsibilities of the people in the organisation?
– Timelines – Each activity needs a timeline.
– Resources – What resources can Lovely Linens use to implement and support their marketing campaign?
– Communication Plan – How will Lovely Linens communicate their product to their target market?
– Contingencies and options for implementation – How can Lovely Linens implement their strategy and what contingencies can be put into place if changes need to be made?
– Provision for data acquisition – What sort of market research will Lovely Linens need to undertake before implementing their strategy?
– Market positioning – How will Lovely Linens position their product in the market to appeal to their target market?

– Market mix – What is an appropriate marketing mix for Lovely Linens?
– Quality controls – How will Lovely Linens ensure the quality of their product is maintained?
– Evaluation processes and criteria – How will Lovely Linens evaluate the success of their strategy and measure that against objectives set?

Ensure your plan for 5.1 above identifies other marketing activity in the target context, and opportunities for synergies by discussing each of the following in detail:
– Activity by other organisations (including links within the distribution channel) and
– Activity by other parts of the same organisation.

Make sure you reference all of your sources using the correct APA referencing conventions.

Make sure you read the Marking Schedule below carefully before embarking on the assignment. It will give you clear idea of what we are looking for in the submission.

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