Leader In Action 8

Directions: Read the Leader in Action Leadership at Hilton Worldwide Commits Heavily to Leadership Development on p. 502 and respond/analyze the following questions:

1. Why would a hotel chain (and also a housing complex developer) invest so heavily in leadership development and management training?

2. The consulting firm that develops the algorithms to assess leadership style and corresponding advice implies that the method is highly scientific. Do you think the kind of individual advice offered is a little “hokey”, much like reading palms or tea leaves–support your thoughts?

Complete the analysis of these questions with sufficient evidence from DuBrin and your thoughts to thoroughly discuss the leadership style of this leader.

To submit: Label the assignment:

Leader in Action p.

Your name

You do not need a title page. However, you must include support from DuBrin to support your responses, indicated by an intext citations. Please number each question and include a minimum of 1 intext citation per question response. If you have other sources–please list your additional sources at the end of the assignment.