Kindly answer the questions with respective references.

question 1

List 1: a) Research the advantages and disadvantages of setting up a new business as a sole proprietorship. Investigate sources of funding, ease of formation, liability issues, income tax considerations, management control and transferability of your interest. Do the same type of analysis for the advantages and disadvantages of the partnership form for establishing a new business.


Please research the rationale behind the passage of the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970. What was it meant to accomplish? Has it achieved its objective?

Question 3

Please research the Market Reform Act of 1990. Why was this legislation deemed to be necessary? What does it include? Has it been successful?

Question 4

Please answer the ISSUES bit of the case of https://dealboo procter-gamble-settles-tradema rk-dispute-with-small-company/. ( just like u have been writing the procedures )

Question 5

Please do a full case analysis for the case of “In re KeyTronics”

These are the topics and laws we looking at this week that need to be applied to the case where necessary.