Journal Entry on Personality –

Journal Entry on Personality –

Journal Entry on Personality

The study of personality from Chapter 8 Behaviour and in Social and Cultural Context gave us an understanding of how our behaviour is shaped and influenced by groups or external forces whereas in Chapter 14 Theories of Personality , we will look more at the influence of the individual or ‘the self’ on our personality and behaviours. In introductory psychology, personality is often a chapter that students enjoy because of the insight it can give us around what makes us tick and potential influences that have shaped us into the people we are today. You will read about key theories of personality development; in psychology, there are many theories that enhance our understanding of different concepts, with personality theories being no different. All psychological theories each have underlying assumptions about human beings and human nature which serve to influence the resulting ideas each theory proposes of understanding human behaviour and experience. They serve as a framework to understand people better. We often use multiple theories to understand aspects of human experience, viewing these from the respective angles each one takes. Therefore, we hope as you progress through this week that you will gain a better understanding of yourself and others. In preparation for this week’s journal entry, as you read through the various personality theories, we encourage you to ‘try on’ the theories to help you better understand or explain aspects of yourself and others. As mentioned, Chapter 14 discusses many lenses through which to view personality development. Prepare a journal entry where you will discuss a) out of these theories which one (or two) resonate(s) most with you, b) which you feel does the best job at explaining personality and why, c) where you see proof of this in your own personality development and temperament, and d) your critique of this theory. In your entry, please place word-count significance on part c.


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