Investigative Essay – 4 pages –


Investigative Essay – 4 pages –

Investigative Assignment – Learn about organized efforts to validate culture and language

So, please pretend to be an Asian international student who came UC for studying sociology, and be in a sociology class. Then writing an investigative assignment with discussing on campus and in a group in the class. Write a 4 pages of the essay by following the instruction below: part a and b.

Part A

Talk to someone from a UCs’ student organization that focuses on particular groups (race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality, language, religion, commuters, fraternities/sororities, etc.). Ask about the mission of the organization, what the organization offers students, why the organization is important for students, and why students typically want to join the organization. You may also use the organization’s website and documents such as pamphlets to learn about the organization. Do not substitute the website or documents for talking to someone.

Part B

In 3-4 double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins, 1) describe who you talked to (no names), then summarize your conversation and what you learned about the organization (at least 3⁄4 page), 2) compare your interview to those of other students in your discussion group. Specifically, were your interview responses similar or different than your peers? Give specific examples from two of your peers’ interviews, which means talk about one interview that each of your two peers conducted (about 3⁄4 page), and 3) using your interviews, your peers’ interviews and one reading from week 6, discuss what you learned about the kinds of support or resources students need and want in order to help them be successful in school. Think about any connections between the reading and the interviews. Think about whether or not the interviews seem similar to the points in the reading or contradict any of the points in the reading. (at least one page)


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