Introduction to Applied Marketing Assessed Learning Outline how situational analysis is used to…


Introduction to Applied Marketing

Assessed Learning

Outline how situational analysis is used to determine appropriate promotional objectives and target market with reference to relevant marketing theories and modes.


Word count: 1000 – 1500 words excluding your referencing

For this assignment you will analyse the Lovely Linens Case Study and answer the related questions. You will need to substantiate your findings by referring to source materials including your textbook and Study Guide. You are required to engage in some research into the theories underpinning situational analysis and how it is used to determine promotional objectives and target markets in order to successfully complete this assignment.

The completion of a situational analysis is an essential part of a marketing plan. Using the Case Study ‘Lovely Linens' detail what a market analysis involves and why we need to carry it out. Discuss the markets that Lovely Linens are interested in pursuing and how they can analyse these markets, including in your answer the various types of research that can be conducted.

Complete an environmental analysis for Lovely Linens. Relate this to the environment they are currently operating in, as well as they environment they are looking to operate in. Make sure your answer includes 2 valid points for each PESTLE element, with examples from Lovely Linens.

What are 2 models we can use to carry out a competitor analysis? Complete one of these for Lovely Linens. How can we use this analysis to help determine our target market?

Market measurements are essential for situational analysis. Discuss 3 ways Lovely Linens can measure their performance in the marketplace giving examples.

Discuss productivity and profitability analysis and give 2 examples related to Lovely Linens operations.

Using the situational analysis information gathered in 3.1-3.5, describe the target market of Lovely Linens and outline 3 promotional objectives for Lovely Linens, including 2 different appropriate promotional mix campaigns.

Make sure you reference all of your sources using the correct APA referencing conventions.

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