Integrated Management Project (LMP)

Write about Standard Chartered Oman:

Standard Chartered Bank Oman is an international bank operating in the Sultanate. The Sultanate has experienced several crises in the past which forced the government to have the crisis management committee to be in place to lead the country in such scenarios. The government forced all the organizations to have the same approach to avoid any interruption in the business and reduce the loss that might occur.Write about Standard Chartered Oman, and follow the guidelines below:

Executive Summary:

* Company

* Problem

* Analysis

* Recommendation


* Company profile

* Industry Profile

* Business environment

Leadership style

Financial aspect


Operations Management

* How does the problem/solution impact on the supply chain, procurement and operational management issues?

Project management

* Consider the models for managing change and other project management theories or models.

Theoretical framework



Problem Statment:

* Define problem

* Rationale: why it is significant

Approach to solving the issue

The impact of the solution on

Approach to managing the change



*** Word count = 3000 words.

*** In-text citation and references using CU-Harvard style.