Information Technology – Business Finance 2023

Information Technology – Business Finance


Process Mapping – With Microsoft Visio

This project requires you to complete an exercise in business process mapping. You will use the following scenario for your assignment:

You are tasked with modeling the process of customer service for a new restaurant, Doc Wally. The process will start with the customer greeted at the door by the host/hostess where they will check for a free table. Please note that the restaurant will not accept reservations. If a table is free, then the customer will be seated; otherwise, the customer will be given a handheld beeper to notify them when a table becomes free. 

Once seated, the customer will be greeted by a server who will take drink orders. In cases of alcoholic drinks, the order will go to the bartender, all other drinks are prepared by the server. Once the server delivers the drinks, the server will take the customer’s food orders and take those orders to the kitchen where the cook will prepare the food. As soon as the meal is ready, the server will then take the food back to the customer.

Once customer is finished with their meal, the server will present the customer with a dessert menu. If dessert is ordered, the server will retrieve the dessert from the cooler and deliver it to the customer’s table. When the customer has finished eating, the server will deliver the check. The restaurant is trying to save money so it will only take cash payments. The server will take the payment to the cashier who will take the money and make change if needed. The server will return the receipt and any change back to the customer. Once the table has been vacated by the customer, a busboy (busgirl?) will clear, wash and reset the table. As the customer is leaving the restaurant, the host/hostess will ask the customer about their service and say goodbye.

Using Microsoft Visio, illustrate the above process by drawing a cross-functional flowchart (swimlane diagram). Please ensure that all restaurant employees are represented along with all appropriate steps.

Do NOT attach the Visio file to blackboard. Save your Visio diagram as a PDF and attach your completed work to Blackboard by the due date. In addition, you must print out the PDF and the following cover sheet stapled to the front. Homework will NOT be accepted via e-mailed attachments. Grading will use the following rubric.  


Submitted by: _________________________________

Grading Rubric for Assignment #3:


Points   Earned




Visio Flowchart

Microsoft   Visio Flowchart 



Flowchart Design

Flowchart   uses proper shapes, symbols, connectors, and text. Well drawn – with at least 1 decision.

Properly   identified all roles

Properly   identified all tasks



Flowchart Accuracy

Flowchart   illustrates activity as described in description.

Properly   matched the task to the role in the right sequence.


_____   (-5)


Submit   a single   PDF document to Blackboard that contains your swimlane diagram. Turn in the hardcopy with cover sheet at   the beginning of class.



Total   Points Earned

Process Mapping With Microsoft Visio This project requires you to complete an exercise in business process mapping You will