I need this to be paraphrased


I need this to be paraphrased.

They cannot be the same. They all need to be different!


Practice questions/problems

I agree with your plan to teach Pete how to self-assess in order to stop pestering his teacher. I remembering being taught or doing almost the same thing, I would complete as much of the work as I could then go back through my materials and practice questions/problems to see if they could help me solve the ones I did not know how to do, if I was still not able to figure them out I would read quietly until my teacher asked if there were any problems that we would like to go over and hope someone had the same question I did (almost always worked out that someone did) and I would only ask for help if we had to turn it in before leaving so that I couldn’t take it home and ask my parents or sister for help or I would just right something down and get it wrong.

I think teaching Pete to when it is appropriate to go ask the teacher if he did it right or to get help, will help him be responsible and self-sufficient in managing his workload and following directions.


Good job

You did a very good job on this post. It is actually making me want to go back and redo a little of mine.. but I am completely lacking that energy right now.. Any way, you went to to really good detail and made everything very easy to understand. I think that your response for the alternate sequences are right on point and very easy to accomplish.

I think that your ethical consideration was also very valid. I think it is important that when working with a child with any kind of disability or characteristic that can be seen out of the norm there should be steps to take. It would be very important like you said to make sure the teachers understand her needs.


Thank you for your interesting discussion post for this weeks topic. I really like the example you provided. Throughout out the years I have encountered several clients who were non-verbal yet high functioning enough to utilize a more advanced form of communication. The Ipad is an ideal instrument for your client because it is portable and its ease of use.

Communication is a tool that needs to be used in most settings so generalizing it is imperative. The analyst can contrive various opportunities for the client to utilize their ipad to communicate their needs in different settings. It is important for the analyst to also generalize the clients communication with others as well.

The child should direct their questions and responses to other individuals within those settings to ensure that the skill is being generalized.


I really enjoyed reading your post and think you gave a great example of implementing a cue card.  However, if George were ever to need his cue card in order to provide his personal information does he need to be prompted to pull out his cue card or does he already do this independently?  I have high school students diagnosed with ASD that have information cards on them as well and need to be prompted in order to accomplish providing their personal information.

  As you mentioned in your post there are prerequisite skills required and I think this would need to be one of them in order for a cue card to be effective.  Furthermore, to add to your ethical concern is safety.  Does George know not to hand his cue card to a stranger?  Is he high functioning enough to understand safety concern with providing his personal information?  Again, this would be a prerequisite for such an independent task.

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