How does attitude affect stress management?


1. Format & Length: The paper should be about 1200 words and should use APA
documentation style format. In R&D, use the APA format guide on pp. 217-233. The title
page should include the identifying information I require, as stated in the syllabus.
2. Purpose: The paper must present a logic-based argument supporting a specific, clear position
responding to the following topic issue question (see #3) using the Scholarly Model in SW?
Chapter 8 (see #6); you will analyze and use the sources listed under the topic option to
develop your own thesis argument to answer the issue question.
3. Topic & Sources: How does attitude affect stress management?
Anderson, Kare. Fear as Friend, Worry as Worthless. Broadcast Engineering, vol. 40, no.
12, Nov. 1998, p. 94.
Cassis, Connie, and Doreen Birchmore. Developing Human Potential an Awakening
Process. Canadian Journal of Public Health / Revue Canadienne de Santee Publique,
vol. 76, May/June 1985, p. 38-42.
Jensen, C. James. Power of Self Talk. Personal Excellence, vol.18, no.7, July 2013, p. 8.
Walton, Gerald. Mobilizing Fear to Set Your Soul Free. Taboo: The Journal of Culture &
Education, vol. 19, no. 2, Spring 2020, pp. 3854.
4. Sources: You must use at least 3 of the sources from the list above. Find them using the TSU
library database system. You may include additional sources you find on your own, but they
should be academically appropriate, credible sources, but the assignment purpose is not a
research project. If you want to include additional sources, use the library databases first; if using the Web/Google, use the information about source vetting in SW? pp. 37-46 and R&D
pp. 13-27 to help you analyze sources to determine credibility and appropriateness to
academic/collegiate papers.
5. Documentation Style: Your paper must use APA documentation style and format. Use the
APA style guide in R&D on pp. 175-216 and SW? pp.47-67 to use and cite sources ethically.
Use slideshow information posted on Canvas (a) to understand how APA style is similar to
and different from MLA style, and (b) to format the paper.
6. Audience: The argument should target an academic audience of readers aged 18-28 who are
interested in nuanced arguments based on logic and evidence rather than on superficial
thinking and emotional persuasion. This audience has some knowledge of the topic and is
expecting to read a formal academic paper that stimulates their thinking and presents sources
that they may want to explore further to develop their understanding
7. Organization: Your paper should be organized using The Scholarly Model in SW? Chapter
8. A description of its components is in Table 5.2 on SW? p.113 and how this model as used
in research writing is on pp.177-178. Explanation of the premises behind the model begins on
p. 175. Note: the scholarly article A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind (pp. 243-247)
and the guided analysis of it on pp. 106-113 can help you understand how the model works.
Use the Workflow activities to use this model to build this paper.
A)Thesis: The thesis should be a clear statement that asserts a position (a claim) and states
or suggests the reason(s) or reasoning for that claim. The thesis should be effectively
placed in the introduction and underlined.
B) The Support should focus on supporting the thesis claim by presenting logical reasoning
(the argument) and evidence in a logically organized manner.
8. Writing Standards: The paper should meet academic/professional-level expectations for
structure, source use, tone and style, grammar, and APA documentation style and paper

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