Answer the questions concisely in one sentence per question.  Please indicate the chapter for each set of questions. make the file in PDF please not DOC. file :)
A Different Mirror by Ron Takaki, pgs. 1-76 
Takaki, A Different Mirror: Chapter 2: 
Why is the Tempest a metaphor for studying the history of race in the United States? Who does Caliban represent? Why were the Indians associated with the devil? 
What were Jefferson’s (contradictory) views on the Indians? 
Chapter 3: What was life like for black and white indentured servants? And what was the justification for slavery?  How does ‘class’ become the hidden origins of slavery? What were Jefferson’s contradictory views/beliefs on slavery? 
Here is the artical PDF ” 
http://ghostdance.webs.com/A%20different%20Mirror.pdf ”
1) READ: 
Howard Zinn (Columbus, Indians and Human Progress-Online—follow the links)

http://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/zinncol1.html   pgs. 1-7 only

Zinn:  Who typically writes history?  What and Who is often excluded in the writing of history and Why? What is the significance of how history remembers Columbus and Hernan Cortez?