help prevent the negative influences of media, parenting, and the nuclear family, psychology homework help –


help prevent the negative influences of media, parenting, and the nuclear family, psychology homework help –

Point out any similarities and discuss how your development was affected in either a negative or positive way. Compare your takeaways with your classmates’ and suggest additional ways they can support play.

One of my favorite childhood games we played growing up was one my friends and I made up. There were 3 trees lined in a perfect triangle. With one person in the middle, we had to run from tree to tree without getting caught by the person in the middle. The best thing about this game was in order to run to the other tree’s, we had to answer whatever question was asked by the person in the middle. Once we answered correctly, had to run safely across. If you got caught or answered wrong, you became part of the team in the middle. This game was fun, educational, and very active. Thinking about it, I would probably incorporate s similar game in my classroom. This game was so much fun, but it also helped us remember what we learned in class. I don’t really remember how we came up with this concept, but after playing for a while, our test scores went up, and we were more eager in class. We also had about 70% of our class playing this game. The first take-away from the article was that, “Parents are the child’s first and favorite playmate.” This is the most important to me because I do believe learning begins at home. What parents teach their child reflects at school and other places. Children will also get an idea on how to play, share, and other things. The next take-away from the article is incorporating sensory play. I will have a bunch of blocks in my class as well as a pet hamster for those children that need to wind down. Creating puppets/masks is the next thing I will use in my classroom. It’s an inexpensive way to allow the children to create their own mask or puppet and playing with their peers. They will be able to use their imagination and create whatever comes to mind. As a teacher, you can also find a book to go along with this activity to make it even more fun. You would also be able to see how well the child remembers what was just read. The fourth take-away from the article is, “Children and adults need to know their own possessions will be respected. Special toys and comfort items (like blankets or stuffed toys) do not need to be shared. When children get tired or cranky, they may go back to the first stage of sharing.” This is something I think is important because when children see other children with something, they may want it, and if they take it, could cause an up-roar between them. I knew a parent whose child took with them everywhere a stuffed dog. It was her comfort. She had to wait until her daughter was asleep in order to wash it, and if someone else had it, she would snatch it from them. The last take-away is “You may want to help initiate play activities and then play with the children when asked to join the activity.” I find this beneficial because there are going to be many days where the kids are going to want us to play with them. We have to be prepared to have tea, or dress up, or even act as some other person in order to allow the children to grow with their imagination.

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