Help in forum 250 words

Before beginning our second Forum, please be sure to read the Clark and Wippl documents and be thoroughly familiar with both Hedley journal articles. These writings will help you have a better grasp of the intelligence collection techniques and why we choose certain techniques instead of others. Answer one of the two following question:

Choose one of the following topics and respond per the Forum guidance:

1) What is the role of the Collection Management function? Does the CIA model work, given that analysts are separated from the National Clandestine Service


2) Why are some collection methods considered principally strategic, supporting the strategic analysis process? How would you define “strategic intelligence collection?”

Forum entries need to be submitted using an essay-type format. Students will cite the work in their forum and provide references. Forums need to have an introduction with thesis sentence, 2-3 supporting paragraphs (250+ words), and conclusion. The conclusion needs to summarize your key points.