Going Global- Exporting

The Scenario: One of your friends plans to return to the family alfalfa farm in central California after college and has an idea to export a compressed form of alfalfa (alfalfa pellets) to be used as high-quality animal feed. Your friend knows that you are studying international business and has asked you for guidance. Prepare a summary for your friend of the issues that need to be considered. I am looking for content to make sure you nderstand what these issues are!


The submission should be a minimum of 2 pages, maximum of 3 pages. For additional criteria, please refer to the guidelines attached

Use the “A Basic Guide to Exporting” series of webinars found on the globalEDGE website https://globaledge.msu.edu/reference-desk/online-c…

Please include the URL and/or link to all resources you use for this assignment. You do not need “in line” citations, but at the end of the paper please provide a list of what you used. This DOES NOT count toward your overall required length.

Absolutely NO Plagiarism as the school checks for it.