Exploration of Journal in Sociology 2pages


Exploration of Journal in Sociology 2pages.

 Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

Get a sense of what the article is about by reading some key sections.  Begin by reading the Abstract of the article.  Subsequently, read the Introduction and the Discussion sections.  Flip through the article and look at any figures or tables.

450-600 word paper

Write a 450-600 word paper (1.5 to 2 pages) in which you Must beAPA format. Cite Resources. NO PLAGARISM

Proper apa citation format

1 .Identify your selected “target article” in proper APA citation format. There must be one or more in-text citations to the target article in the body of the paper.  The reference to the target article must be in the reference section.  Follow APA format. You can find information about APA format by Googling it.

  Examples of references and citations are shown in the following table.


Portes, A. and Sensenbrenner, J. (1993)  Embeddedness and immigration: notes on the social determinants of economic action. Americal Journal of Sociology98, 1320-1350. 

In-text Citation:

(Portes & Sensenbrenner, 1993)

In-text citation in context: 

Portes &amp

Example 1:  The article I selected (Portes & Sensenbrenner, 1993) explores the effect of social structures on economic activity in immigrant communities.  This means that …

Example 2:  In the article I selected, Portes & Sensenbrenner (1993)  explore the way that social structures affect economic activity in immigrant communites.  For example…

2. Describe the type of article it is. In other words, is it primarily a review of existing research, or a report of new research? How can you tell? If it is a research article, what type of research was involved?

3. Summarize what you’ve learned about the content of the article. What were the major findings? How were they supported?

Article fits

4. Explain how this article fits into the overall field of sociology. Identify the chapter of your textbook would this article go along with.

5. Explain how this article is different from articles in non-scholarly periodicals, such as magazines and newspapers. Explain any similarities.

Article to be explored attached below.


.rural sociology article.pdf 

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