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When I think about “ethics” or “morality” I think of failing to recognize social standards in addition to legal standards when making decisions. My definition of Ethics is a competing concept of what is “good” based on a person’s understanding of what he/she can get away with. I think this course will examine different examples of ethical violations in a day to day workplace environment, and encourage us to discuss some of the more commonly known ethical dilemmas the world has faced in the last century. A good example of my most strongly held ethical belief is that I refuse to shop at Walmart for several ethical reasons. The first being that the company under pays their employees, and proactively offer state assistance to subsidize their lack of pay. I don’t believe any company should look to the welfare system to provide the fringe benefits usually associated with gainful employment. The second reason is their unethical marketing strategy. They advertise lower prices which is technically correct, but what they fail to mention is the majority of the prices that are lower, are because they are selling a smaller portion of the product you are buying. When reviewing the cost versus the portion size the price difference is negligible. This is dangerously close to false advertising but somehow falls within the law. I don’t believe any company should be able to shroud their value in rhetoric in order to trick people into shopping there.

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