Ethics and Managed Care –


Ethics and Managed Care –

Read the introduction for Exercise 4 at the bottom of p. 53 of the workbook.

Complete Exercise 4 as follows:

  1. Write a short vignette (story) about a teenager who has been receiving mental health treatment for approximately five years. End your vignette with a description of the client’s current status and his parents’ inability to receive additional managed care funding for his treatment.
  2. Apply and consider the information provided at the bottom of p. 54 of the workbook
  3. Review and list the treatment your teenage client has received for the past year and for the past five years and indicate what the treatment has cost based on the cost of services described in #2 at the bottom of p. 54.
  4. With the instruction provided on p. 55 of the workbook, as your client’s case manager, write a letter of appeal to the managed care organization to advocate for your client.


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