This assignment asks you to apply ideas from enterprise systems to an example company.

Assignment Objectives

· Learn, in detail, about the topics covered in this week’s notes.

· Gain experience in researching a relatively new information technologies.

· Gain experience in reading through a variety of technology articles and case descriptions, extracting the key points.

· Gain experience distinguishing between operational benefits and competitive benefits.

Target Company

The HomeAssistantHomeAssistant Company is an IoT (Internet of Things) focused organization, which allows consumers to purchase home assistant devices and connect them to their larger eco-systems (i.e. smart lamps, smart cars, etc, etc)

They have both an e-commerce presence and are in many retail stores (i.e. Best Buy, Target, Walmart)HomeAssistant The organization…

· Within existing retail stores, focusing on stores that sell technology


· has headquarters in the US and also has a presence in India, China and Russia

· has strong relationships with other eco-system vendors such as google, amazon, blink, phillips 

· has an e-commerce and m-commerce representation to their customers where they can buy direct from the organization

· has an application to manage their home assistant IoT devices

You are free to add assumptions and details concerning HomeAssistant provided that they are consistent with the description above and provided that you specify them.


A. Suppose that you are the Director for IT at HomeAssistant, and that you are expected to leverage IT as much as possible, improving the operational and competitive aspects of the organization. For example, in your position, what would you do to…

· Streamline operations?

· Improve decision making to compete more effectively?

· Communicate more effectively to your customers?

These are just some of the things you could do; focus your assignment on expanding these examples above. Today, the organization has a workflow in-place, outline what that workflow looks like and how you would transform it.

In your own words, describe the application of four of the topics listed below (from the online notes this week) as they apply to HomeAssistant as specifically as possible. In your response, seek material additional to the online notesthrough research, that supports each topic and backs up your assertions.

· Wrapping Legacy Applications with Web Services

· Service Oriented Architecture

· Microservices architecture

· BigData

· Workflow and Business Process Management Systems

· Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

· Customer Relationship Management Systems

· Supply Chain Management Systems

· Business Intelligence

· Data Mining

Number the sections in your homework 1 through 4, making the section headings as in the list. There is a page limit of 12 pages, single spaced of 12-point type for part A. A major part of this is cohesiveness, so please make sure that you have a cohesive story regarding these topics.

B. Future assignments will require you to create slide presentations. As an introduction to this process, create roughly 6-8 slides that summarize your results in part A. This is principally a practice run for those not familiar with creating PowerPoint materials: we are not requiring sophisticated slides. Include a graphical element: figure or image.

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