Your writing assignment will involve the analysis of the work and life of a particular scientist or engineer. The assignment is called an analysis because it is intended to be more than a chronology of events. Your task is to assess the impact this person had upon the scientific community and society as a whole. Particular emphasis is to be placed upon the interactions this person had with the government or power holders.

Important topics included in the analysis are;

1. Persons educational and cultural background (10%)
2. Early life interests and motivations (10%)
3. Problems attacked and reasons for choice (10%)
4. Method of analysis (pure/applied or theoretical/experimental) (10%) 5. Scientific outcome of work (10%)

6. Implications for other scientists (10%) 7. Impact on society (10%)

The paper is expected to be at least 4 typed pages in length. Organization of the writing will be an important aspect of the grading. Arguments presented in the discussion must be supported by your research and referenced when appropriate. You must have 4 references (non-web) from books, journals, magazines, or newspapers.

Your organization and grammar will count towards 15% of your grade. Length and references will also be given a weight of 15%.

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