part 1,2 needed in Tuesday afternoon 1 pm EST. part 3 is due  after 10 days later after part one and 2.

Paper 1: Proposal-Feasibility Report (Problem-Solution) 
  Brief Synopsis Description: This paper takes a topic from your     major/profession (your choice of topic), defines a problem within your   major/profession, and tells how you intend to solve the problem in    the remainder of the papers—Papers 2 and 3.  (4 to 8 pages/single    spaced)  33 1/3% of Final Grade 

Paper 2: Selected Abstract /Annotated Bibliography
 Brief Synopsis Description: This paper gathers sources (books, mags,     journals, etc.) together, summarizes the “solutions” to the problem    from Paper 1, and presents evidence for the solution of the problem to   use in Paper 3. (20 pages/single spaced) 33 1/3% of Final Grade

Paper 3: Final Report w/graphics
 Brief Synopsis Description: This paper is the sum total of Papers 1 and 2.     More than just a simple compilation of papers, Paper 3 must     demonstrate workable solutions to the problem. (15 to 20 pages/    double spaced) 33 1/3% of Final Grade.

for paper 2 :

The requirement for the 20 sources:


1-  Header.


2-  General overview.


3-  Topic problem.


4-  3 quotes or paraphrase or summary.


In citation use maker quotation  “—–“(numbers or name)


5-  Interpretative commentary.


6-  Unique contribution of source.


7-  Compare contrast 2 sources that are the collection.