Emerging Trends In Data Analytics And Business Intelligence


Write a research paper describing an emerging trends in data analytics and business intelligence that is ALSO addressed in your text. Some examples of emerging trends are discussed in Chapter 14 of the course textbook, including location-based analytics, recommendation engines, data-as-a-service, and analytics-as-a-service. However, your advance assignment should have resulted in three fulltext articles for your research.

Your paper should address the following points:

· Describe the emerging trend in a way that would be understandable to a nontechnical business manager.

· Articulate how the author addressed the subject matter in the text assigned to this class.

· Provide at least three examples of how the trend is being applied in organizations currently and describe them in detail (one paragraph each minimum for each of the examples).

· Predict how the trend is likely to develop over the next 5 years.

· Analyze how the trend may impact business organizations in the coming years, including both positive and negative impacts.

· Recommend what you think interested business organizations should do in regards to this trend.


Residency Research papers must be 6-8 pages in length (excluding the title page, Abstract, andthe reference list). The paper is to be in 12-point, Times New Roman font; be double spaced; and include a title page, body of the paper, summary or conclusion, and references. APA format is 1” margins, with page header that contains short title of your paper on the left and the page number on the right. The paper is NOT to contain any illustrations or diagrams unless approved by the professor and does not extend your paper.

· Papers must follow APA format. Please review and follow the APA resources in the Syllabus.

· References are very important. At least four authoritative, outside references are required with ONE REFERENCE BEING YOUR ASSIGNED TEXT. The other three references can be from your advance assignment on references.  That was the point of that advance assignment – so you would not have to do additional research unless you wanted to.  Anonymous authors are not acceptable. Web sources, if used, must be authored by recognized experts in the field. At least three references must be peer-reviewed, scholarly papers  All should be listed on the last page, titled references.

· Appropriate intext citations are required. I would expect to see 4-7 intext citations for minimum and no more than 10. If it’s more than that, you are likely overciting. Remember that for each reference you use, there needs to be an intext citation and for every intext citation there needs to be a reference.

· Interim deliverables for this project are the annotated bibliography assignment. That serves as a research repository for your group on articles to draw from in writing the final paper.

· Students can submit their paper into the submission link multiple times to evaluate the SafeAssign or plagiarism percentage.


  • Prepare a PowerPoint Slide Presentation of 8-10 slides excluding title slide.
  • Follow PowerPoint – Good Design  (5 words per line, 5 lines per slide maximum)
  • Include detailed notes in the speaker’s notes section of the PowerPoint

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