ECON600 AS12 – Business Finance 2023

ECON600 AS12 – Business Finance


Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document, with a minimum of 300 words total, APA formatted and 5% similarity.Make sure you use adequate, credible and reliable APA source 2 citations to support your work.


Samuelson and Marks, Questions and Problems 1, p. 341.


In 1989, the Detroit Free Press and Detroit Daily News (the only daily newspapers in the  city) obtained permission to merge under a special exemption from the antitrust laws. The merged firm continued to publish the two newspapers but was operated as a single entity. 




a. Before the merger, each of the separate newspapers was losing about $10 million per year. What forecast would you make for the merged firm’s profits? Explain.




b. Before the merger, each newspaper cut advertising rates substantially. What explanation might there be for such a strategy? After the merger, what prediction would you make about advertising rates? 


Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document with a minimum of 300 words total