Drawing to Painting paper ARts 230


Drawing to Painting paper ARts 230.

Write a minimum of 600 word paper that explains how Raphael used drawing as part of his process for painting the ALba Madonna. Imagine that you have been asked to describe how the artist Raphael used drawings to prepare for the more sophisticated and unforgiving mode of painting. Answer the following questions.

* What materials were need for Raphael’s drawings?


* What materials were needed for Raphael’s paintings?

* How do the elements of Raphael’s drawings come together to form the final composition?

Raphael drew

* Why do you think Raphael drew before painting?

* What did Raphael intend to convey through his painting?

* How was his intended meaning successfully conveyed through the painting?

* Do you consider drawing to be as important an art form as painting? Explain your answer.

Format your paper consistant with APA guidelines

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