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This discussion question is one that is educationally interesting about one specific genre of cinema! The following are the directions:

1. Name and describe one cinematic characteristic or component of horror movies in one paragraph, and avoid repeating characteristics or components other students indicate, please, as horror films have many elements. I recommend reading students’ replies as required in the class before selecting your component. 

2. Use a horror film example that we have not discussed in the course at all this term, so far, to help illustrate your ideals. Please, be certain not to use the same film another student selects, also, to be courteous.

3. Please, understand that this forum is not to discuss whether you do or do not like or view horror films, though your personal preferences are respected. The forum is for the formal analysis of the genre of horror in cinema as a main part of our cinematic discussions.

4. In a second paragraph, address how the cinematic characteristic or component contributes to the genre of horror films. Recall to be objective when you critically analyze this question in order to seriously consider how horror films are composed, professionally, in the industry. Think about audiences and their attraction to horror films and reasoning, which is one of the most famed genres in cinema and has been historically. You may even prefer to consider texts that were famous and became horror films as a result of the authors’ talents and skills. For this activity, the text can be used as the primary resource, though using other library sources is still fine since the interesting cinematic information is in our wonderful university library. I look forward to reading each of your feedback.


1. What is one characteristic in documentary films that is unique to the genre? Why?

2. How does the characteristic contribute to the film genre of documentary? Why?

3. Can documentaries and their components be measured the same as other film genres, such as dramas or mysteries or Westerns or comedies? Explain why or why not, please, using examples to support your explanations. Recall to clearly and correctly cite sources in APA format you use to help compose your reply, which should be a minimum of three paragraphs to form one paragraph per question. Though only one source is required based on our course criteria, at times, students use a few since this is an interesting discussion to research, and I welcome your feedback in detail to note what you learn about documentaries! 

As noted prior, a basic paragraph has five sentences. Please, do not complete the assignment by writing about the same characteristic or trait another student notes to fairly allow for diverse discussion in the course this week. I encourage you to be creative when thinking about documentary films. Your initial post will not be substantial if you note the purpose of the genre is to inform or educate or instruct or teach or any ideals of the alike, so do not list the purpose of the genre in any manner as your one characteristic, please. Characteristics and traits should be unique cinematic components of the genre that help make it interesting to diverse audiences or that other genres are deficient of having according to the assigned readings this week or according to supplemental research in a scholarly source you located in the library. The purpose or reasoning of the genre is not a characteristics or component or trait of how films in the genre may be produced. We are examining unique traits that the genre displays and the reasoning. I look forward to reading your replies about documentary films! 


Select one of the following to write two paragraphs of detailed analysis about, please: 

1. What is one characteristic that you have read about this week in class or studied that is typically in romantic films but not in Western movies? How is the characteristic or tool used in romantic films to manipulate audiences?


2. What is one characteristic you have read about this week in class or studied that is typically in Western films but not in romantic movies? How is the characteristic or tool used in Western films to manipulate audiences?

Please, do not mention the same characteristic that another student analyzes to be considerate and to help with the generation of ideas in the discussion. Be certain to read replies, carefully, to avoid duplication. Cite and reference your scholastic sources, clearly, to support your reasoning. You are encouraged to use the library if you would like to find unique components or characteristics about each film genre. Likewise, if you have challenges finding a characteristic in the text, you are encouraged to use the library for assistance, please. 

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