Discussions hw – Business & Finance 2023

Discussions hw – Business & Finance

Note: I need minimum 100 words response of each discussion. You must need to cite each discussion with at least one (1) scholarly reference. Your answer must be accurate and 100% original.



1.      Research the code of professional conduct and then discuss How important is it to adhere to these standards? Is there any point in time in which you can loosely interpret or manipulate these standards? What is due professional care, and how does it refer to the GAAS? You can use the following link to answer.


2.      What types of investments in common stock are accounted for using (a) the equity method and (b) the cost method?  How is the receipt of a dividend treated under the equity method? under the cost method?  


3.      Review the financial statements of a well-known public company and comment on their investments as reported in their Form 10-K. You should list the different type of investments, percentage ownership, and method of accounting for the investments.

Note I need minimum 100 words response of each discussion You must