Design an Ethical Framework


Design an Ethical Framework

Design an Ethical Framework.

[img alt=”A young professional man writing on a document while thinking. ” src=”” height=”350″ width=”258″>You have been presented several frameworks for ethical decision making in the online essays and the readings from your text.

In this written assignment you will choose one of these ethical frameworks, giving your rationale for making this choice. You must cite sources from the course readings. Do not simply list the NOHSE standards that apply to each responsibility. The NOHSE standards certainly should be apart of the paper but, I want your individual thoughts and ideas; demonstrating an understanding of the material presented.

  Your paper should include a preamble explaining your ethical stance including its basic ethical or religious perspective (Deontological, Teleological, Religious, or Postmodern) and the point of view of the theorist, religious figure, or philosophy you have chosen. The main body of the paper should address the following ethical areas: your responsibility to: yourself, those who are close to you (your own family, friends, etc.

), all of your potential clients (including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities), your colleagues, your agency or other employer, and society as a whole. It should conclude with a summary the steps you plan to use in making ethical decisions using this framework.

Apa formatting

The paper should be concise, but complete. APA formatting should be used for citations.

Your paper should use the following general format. (Note: Review NOHSE/COSHE standards in the next module for a good pattern to follow.)

  • Title page
  • Preamble
  • Responsibilities to yourself
  • Responsibilities to clients
  • Responsibilities to your community
  • Responsibilities to society
  • Responsibilities to colleagues
  • Responsibilities to agency or employer
  • Summary of steps to be taken in ethical decision making
  • References (in APA format)

Ba degree

NOTE: I am a christian and I believe in God, living my life the right way and accord to his will. The responsibility to myself is to be true, honest and to always put him first(God). The responsibility to the clients are to service them with services to my best ability. Responsibility to society is by servicing the clients in the community to make the society a better place.

To continue on with my ba degree in social work to make this a better place. Responsibility to colleagues is to be a good co work and be a team player. Responsibility to agency is to be a good employer and best the best i can be. The agency is Volunteers of America by the way. This is the direction i want the paper to go in.

It should be about 3 pages please answer all the questions accordingly.

ethical decision making esc.docx

Religious framework esc.docxethics esc.docx

The NOHSE/CSHSE Ethical Framework


Suny/empire state college offers human services

Since the ethical guidelines for both human services and social work are similar and simply because SUNY/Empire State College offers human services rather than social work concentrations, we will be using the NOHSE (National Organization of Human Service Educators)/CSHSE (Council for Standards in Human Service Education) guidelines in this course as the principal framework for exploring professional ethics.

Structure of the NOHSE Guidelines

The NOHSE guidelines are clearly divided into several parts. The “Preamble” begins to define human services as a profession among other helping professions and defines the need for ethical standards. Section I, “Standards for the Human Service Professional” defines the settings in which human service workers are found and briefly defines the various roles played by human service professionals.

The main body of Section 1 consists of 37 statements that apply to all human service professionals. Nine of these statements define human service professionals responsibility to clients. For the purpose of the Guidelines the term “client” is broadly defined to include individuals, families, groups, and communities.

Eleven statements refer to the human service professionals responsibility to the community and society. Four statements define the human service worker’s responsibility to colleagues, six define responsibilities to employers, and the final three define responsibilities to self. Section II, “Standards for Human Service Educators” consists of a brief summary and seventeen additional statements.

Section II calls human service educators to adhere to the standards defined for human service professionals and, in addition, recognizes that most human service educators come to the field from other disciplines such as social work and counseling. The guidelines call for educators to adhere to the highest ethical standards of their respective disciplines and, in addition, to create educational programs that will enable their students to develop the knowledge, skills, values, and applied skills needed to function effectively in a wide variety of settings.

SUNY/Empire State College, Center for Distance Learning, follows the NOHSE guidelines. This course follows them closely.

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