Current enviroment events


find 2-4 articles in current environmental events within a particular theme. they must be form a reputable online or print sources such as a newspaper or a magazine 1) briefly summarize the article and 2) explain the relevancy of the issues you choose. 3) try to relate the issue to your own life or your community and propose actions you or your community could take to address these issues.
the assignment must be minimum 2 full pages of texts, with any additional text and references (direct links to the articles) on a separate page. first line should have your name and title. then a single space, then begin your assignment. no extra spaces are allowed, they do not count towards page length. times new roman 12 or arial 10pt font, 1 inch margins only. you must have a minimum of 2 citation/references. it must be on the 3 page.

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