Cultural Change in a Global Environment. 3 Pages


Cultural Change in a Global Environment. 3 Pages.

The main focus of these answers ought to be material from chapters 14-16. It is assumed that you understand the concept of culture (chapter 8), so do not focus on that chapter for this question.

You are to write an essay explaining how to understand culture change in a global environment, using an anthropological approach.

Anthropological concepts

In your essay, include- and define- five anthropological concepts (ideas ) that you think are useful for understanding culture change in a global environment. BOLD AND CAPITALIZE each concept the first time you use it in the essay.

·Define each concept , as you introduce it, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and

>se real data

·DEVELOP at least one specific example in your essay. Use real data and solid information in your examples where you can. It is useful to look up outside sources for examples. Include your sources. (You will be graded down for general statements or “off the top of your head examples.”)

Grading question 1:

20 points will be on the logic of your essay and the extent to which you are using an anthropological approach (avoid ethnocentrism and think holistically- think about how one aspect of culture affects another).

  30 points will be on your definition of the five concepts you include in  the  essay and the effectiveness and accuracy of your examples in the context of the essay (6 points for each concept).


Hint: If you do not know what a concept is, please look it up. Most concepts in the text are identified in highlighted yellow boxes at the bottoms of the pages, but in order to understand them you must read abut them in the chapter. Do not depend on the definitions at the bottoms of the pages. REMEMBER, concepts are used to help analyze.

They are out tools in anthropology.




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