Courts as Part of the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is composed of three branches: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. While the courts have their own unique function, they interact with the other two branches constantly. From law enforcement they receive information, parties to cases, victims, witnesses, and defendants. And they send convicted defendants into the corrections system.
In an initial discussion board post, consider one of the questions below. You must cite from this lesson’s reading material in your post.
1. How does the court system impact how law enforcement carries out its mission?
2. How does the court system impact how the corrections system carries out its mission?
3. Identify the most important things a court system can do to carry out the proper exercise of justice, and explain why.
4. Analyze how the court system reflects the norms and mores (values) of American society.
Respond to two classmates who chose to post about two different questions than you did. Do you agree with their point of view? Why or why not?