Course Project Discussion


Revise your slides from components 1 and 2 as needed in response to your instructor’s feedback and then work on the remaining slides for the final presentation.

To finalize your presentation, you will prepare approximately 8-9 slides to describe the health and public health systems in place for the country you selected and consider dimensions such as access, resources, and infrastructure related to your health issue. You will recommend a public health policy or program to promote positive social change to impact this health issue.

To complete:

  • All slides from course project part 1 and part 2
  • A concise description of the relevant health systems/ Public health systems for this country that are responding to the challenges posed by this global health issue. Support how they do so, including the target population and who implements the action. Describe published evidence for efficacy or support a lack of evidence.
  • A description of at least one example of a public health policy or program that is not currently enacted in this country that you believe if enacted, would positively impact the health of the population of this country. Your response must demonstrate your awareness of relevant cultural values and practices. You may choose to describe a policy or program that currently exists elsewhere or provide your idea for a new policy or program that could be implemented. Be sure to provide references and support your responses for why you believe that this policy or program would have a positive impact on the health of this population.
  • A concise description of potential challenges and barriers to implementing your proposed policy or program. Be sure to support your response.
  • A conclusion including a brief summary of your presentation and a final take-home message.

Cite your sources where used and provide the full APA formatted reference in small font at the bottom of that slide. Add your voice narration to each slide, as though you were presenting it to a live audience and then create a written transcript of what you said.

Finalize your narration transcript. Include in the transcript a complete APA formatted reference list that incorporates every reference that you cited on your slides.

Combine All Slides Together I have Attached The First 2 Powerpoints

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