1. According to the W. R. Miller, Wilbourne, and Hettema (2003), which of the following is NOT one of 18 modalities determined to be efficacious:
  2. Behavior contracting itself can be implemented with minimal or no cost to the counselor or agency.
  3. Contingency management makes use of internal incentives that are contingent on the client meeting predetermined personal goals.
  4. Functional analysis means:
  5. Harm reduction promotes high-threshold access to services
  6. In this type of relationship, a client believes there is not a problem and the counselor agrees, validates, or “goes along with” this perception, while also offering to help the client in ways the client can determine:
  7. Skillful inquirer is associated with _____
  8. W.R. Miller and Page are associated with _____
  9. Which of the following is NOT one of the three key points made by this chapter about William and Hester’s “informed eclecticism?”
  10. Which of the following is an alternative to abstinence?

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