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Causes and Effects

HIV/AIDS is a global epidemic. It affects a large number of people globally resulting in more deaths as compared to any other disease in the world including cancer. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) in its final stage. It destroys the immune system by lowering the white blood cells count in the body making people more vulnerable to illnesses, and infections. AIDS occurs after the infected person’s immune system have been destroyed. The epidemic has various and causes and effects on both infected and affected. The essay analyses both the causes and effects of the epidemic.

There are different causes of the epidemic. Some of the ways in which one comes into contact with the fluids include:

Sharing sharp needles like syringes and needles with infected individuals causes HIV infection through contamination of the equipment with infected body fluids. Though, it has been curbed by sterilizing equipment before reuse. Mother to child transmission is also one of the causing agents. It can either occur during breastfeeding, pregnancy or giving birth. However, through receiving treatment during pregnancy, avoiding breastfeeding and seeking medical advice during pregnancy and after giving birth, infected mothers lowers the risk of their babies being infected.

Through sexual activities which can be either oral, vaginal or anal and the vaginal secretions, semen or blood of the infected individual enters into your body. Furthermore, the fluids enter the body through sores developing during sexual activity. The virus may also be transmitted through a blood transfusion with infected blood especially in hospitals and health centers.

HIV/AIDS affects a large number of individuals globally. It not only affects the infected person but also, it affects the relatives, and the community at large. Therefore, the effects include:

An individual with HIV/AIDS requires medical attention. They also require a balanced diet in order to manage and boost their immune system and health. HIV/AIDS has resulted in deaths of resourceful and elegant individuals in the society. Since, HIV infection affects anyone irrespective of financial muscle, profession, age, gender, race, or status in the society. Besides, the accompanying diseases require medical attention leading to increased bills and expenditure. Numerous infected individuals are faced with stigma. The association of disgrace has infringed into the society where people infected with HIV are neglected. There is a misconception that through social contact with the infected, an individual can contract the infection making it difficult for people with HIV to nurture relationships.

Additionally, the number of individuals dying with HIV/AIDS across the world is high. Besides, a large number of individuals lose their relatives to the epidemic yearly. Besides, there is no cure for the virus. Besides, the immune system of the infected individual is deteriorated resulting in the acquisition of HIV accompanying infections and diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and cancer.


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